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ICT fair from Jan 20 in the capital

December 29th, 2015 | by admin
ICT fair from Jan 20 in the capital

The 5-day ‘7th Digital ICT Fair 2015’ will be held at Computer City Centre of Elephant Road in the capital on January 20-25. Leading ICT product importers will be present to display the newest gadgets of renowned tech brands.

All the latest computers, laptops and other gadgets will be on display for sale, along with attractive discounts and gifts, said a press release. Engr. Subrata Sarkar, general secretary of computer city centre shop owners’ association and fair member secretary, said that the upcoming fair will be bigger than the previous ones.

Alongside computers, he said, there will be a close-circuit camera zone, science fair, robotics exhibition and more. A raffle draw on the entry tickets will be held at the end of the fair, according to UNB.

Source: The Financial Express

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