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Inspirational talk at AIUB

December 24th, 2015 | by admin
Inspirational talk at AIUB

Inspiring ideas about science, philosophy, social work and life in general took the crowd on a ride to the infinity of ideas at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) on the morning of December 12, 2015. This was the second series of independently organised TED event, TEDx at AIUB. The impressive efforts of the organisers and stimulating talks of the brilliant minds made the day for the ones who were in the audience.

The event began with the talk of entrepreneur Arif Nezami who talked about solving problems empathetically using technology. Shagufe Hossain, founder of Leaping Boundaries, talked about her endeavour of creating a platform for the ignored madrasa students. A futuristic concept, cognitive remote, was discussed by the faculty member of AIUB, Tabin Hasan.
Khan Muhammad Saqiful Alam, faculty member of North South University, discussed an innovative way of choosing one’s career. Initiator of 10-Minute School, Samid Razzak explained the need and potential of a web based school in the context of Bangladesh, Fazlay Rabbi talked about his inspiration for travelling and his motivation to manage most popular facebook page for the travellers in Bangladesh. Maliha Mohsin, founder and director of Gylph, a story telling agency talked about a different kind of destitution and how to find a place to belong to. Shams Jaber, co-founder of The Tech Academy, was up on stage to talk about how they took engineering education to children in remote areas- Bandarban and Fatikchari.
Towards the end, to entertain the soul the event had musical performance by the lead vocalist of Black, Mofizul Haque Chowdhury and stand-up comedy and magic performance by Max Mystel.
The talk certainly stirred a lot of thoughts into the young minds of the local TEDx enthusiasts. The event reinforced that ideas are definitely infinite and have no boundaries. The inspired minds are now surely thinking in infinity.

The writer is a third year BBA student at North South University,

Source: The Financial Express

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